Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chessie's view between the bars.

Good morning all.
Today I start my blog. For now, I will be writing about my motorcycle rides and exploring the NE TN. hill country. From time to time, I will be writing about drifting in and out of areas such as VA. NC. and KY.

For the most part, this blog will not be on rants and ravings regarding the 4 wheeled public who share the roads with me. That seems, in my view, to be a complete waste of time and energy. It does little good to write about it to the choir...and if your reading this, I would suspect you and I are members of the same choir.

Instead, I would like to write about my routes, the views, the aromas, the way the bike runs and feels beneath me, the positive as well as negative aspects of where I have found my wheels taking me this week! Please keep in mind, when I speak of negative, it is my view only. I've found my tastes to be less popular than most riders, basically because I have been riding for many years, and the experiences that are new to some...are very old hat to me. For that reason, you will rarely find me going to bike rallies, biker meet and greets, poker runs, or charity rides. I like the company of me, myself and I. Sometimes one or two others are nice to have along the ride...but it's so much easier on me if I don't have to think about if they are comfortable, do they need to stop?, are they thirsty, hungry, are they ready to leave yet? Are they pissed because I have only a 2 gallon fuel tank and have to stop every 80 miles for gas...OK, I think you have the idea!