Friday, May 23, 2008

Motorcycle Repair is Best on Dark and Stormy Nights

So, I've developed a bit of a superstition about working on the VX800: the repairs don't take unless both of the following conditions are true

  1. It's dark out
  2. The weather is stormy or unbelievably hot
Last night was dark and stormy, so I hustled out to the garage right after dinner and started turning wrenches. I made a good deal of progress, except for the one troublesome bolt I've complained about in the past. I spent a solid hour patiently turning that bolt tiny bit by tiny bit, and made no noticeable progress. On the upside, I have the rest of the bike back together.

One of my local UTMC buddies went to the trouble of customizing an 8mm socket for me recently, but I haven't met up with him yet to get it. Once that's in hand, we'll try to tighten that sucker up.

And, if that doesn't work, I guess I'll try getting it into a shop, because I gotta get the darn thing running. It's been sitting for nearly two years, and that's just really sad.