Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making the grade...

I am making plans for a ride to Kansas City MO. My daughter lives there, and since it's been three years since I saw her and my grandson, I figure I had better make an appearance.

As things go, I feel quite lucky today. I've been in negations with Big Dog Motorcycles in Wichita KS about taking one of their bikes out on a test ride for a few days. Keith Ball of started the ball rolling with them for all I have to do is sell them on me as a writer. I'm hoping that's not going to be difficult. I am so excited now, I can't sleep for shit. I was planning to make this a slow trip to KC with lots of sightseeing, but I may have to change my plans, as they seem to be in a hurry to have someone ride their bike for a good review. I can't wait till I show up in my daughter's driveway with a brandy wine new Big Dog Motorcycle! I am having daydreams about it.

My only worry? I may not have enough stature for the job. Big Dogs are built with forward controls...and they appear to be made for guys with longer legs than mine...I wonder if they will accommodate me with something I can ride at highway speeds...and not have to bungee my feet to my thighs? LOL

Anyway, I'll write more later as things become more apparent.