Monday, June 9, 2008

Motorcycle Jumps and More - Links

I got 6 miles worth of riding in this weekend, which I figure cost me about sixty cents in gas, given the current prices ($4.15 here in Mesa, Arizona). I'm suddenly glad my passion for motorcycles is much greater than my passion for classic sports cars.

Robbie Knievel jumped 21 Hummers. Everyone in the audience was disappointed the darn things weren't on fire.

15 "suspected" members of the Mongols MC got arrested for failing to yield. I know they use the term "suspected" because everyone in the U.S. is innocent until proven guilty, but it's pretty easy to tell if someone is a member of an MC: Look at the back of their vest. Is there a big patch with the club name? If so, they're in the club.

Mr. Motorcycle has posted some pics and information about the Derbi DH 2.0. I would love to ride one of these, which is why I probably shouldn't get one. Also, I see that there is now a 125cc version of the Sachs MadAss. Want. Want. Want. Owning either of these bikes would end up with me getting arrested for riding through city hall or something...

MZ Motorcycles is going to close this year. We're all really bummed. Well, OK, actually I hadn't even heard of them until I found out they were closing. But it's kind of a bummer that there's one fewer motorcycle manufacturer out there.

Here's some tips on buying a motorcycle through eBay. Here are MY tips in addition to those: look for auctions that end on a weekday. You'll get a lower price, because most people bid on the weekends. Also, decide on your maximum bid and don't get suckered into a bidding war. Place your maximum bid, and then forget about it. If you don't win, don't worry. Another bike will come up, and you'll get one at the price you want (if you're realistic).