Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Moto-Habits

This morning Lady Luck and I wound up behind a commuter on a KLR. He was wearing motocross armor and would have looked delightfully post-apocalyptic if it hadn't been for his clearly visible work clothes. It obviously worked for him, though, so I won't comment further on his personal style.

While I stared out of the car in my usual zombie-like commute daze, I noticed something about his behavior was a little odd. Synapses began to fire, my eyes focused, and I slowly recognized a pattern to what he was doing: he was looking into each car he passed.

For the rest of our commute along the freeway, I watched as he continued peeking into every car he rode by.

Was he looking for a friend?

Trying to pick up chicks?

I'm going to be wondering about it all day. I wonder if he even realized he was doing it.