Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My brother, Noodles, came down to visit for a few days. I took him out to New Mexico to check out the Black Hole. We saw all the stuff I saw on my last trip to New Mexico.

We had a pretty good time, apart from some unpleasantness in a bar. Some lady got drunk and decided we were laughing at her husband.

...Because that was a reasonable thing to assume. I mean, any time I hear someone laugh in a bar, I immediately decide it was directed at me.

The level of hostility directed at us increased, to the point where I decided it was time to leave. I'm sure Noodles and I could have handled ourselves, but I wasn't about to hang around while some woman tried to pick a fight between us and her husband and his new bar friends. "Let's you and him fight" isn't a game I want to play.

Also, I'm reasonably certain her and her husband were just scamming drinks. Parts of their story didn't add up, particularly the bits involving physics. The gullible guys buying their drinks and food listened breathlessly to every word, however. I was tempted to go down there and bet the suckers fifty dollars I could tell them exactly where they got the shoes they're wearing. (Answer: On their feet.) Or, perhaps, bet them two dollars I could drink their entire beverage without touching the glass. (Thus getting a $6 drink for a mere two dollars)