Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tired Tuesday Linky Love

Apparently John McCain went to Sturgis this year. When The Establishment goes to an event to round up voters, you can bet I won't be going. I am amused that he's going to get the blue-collar vote. Isn't Sturgis primarily dentists now?

Also, how come any big event is called "Woodstock for ..." now? Woodstock was Woodstock. I didn't even go, on account of not being alive at the time, and I know that.

Also, Sturgis started in 1938 - way before Woodstock. In fact, using the same logic, it'd be fair to say that Woodstock was Sturgis for Hippies.

Moving on, here's video of a motorcyclist doing a backflip over a flying Subaru. Between you and me, this video primarily makes me want to get a Subaru.

Being a Grandfather would rock. Grandfathers, after all, are the grown-ups responsible for teaching kids how to get into big, fun trouble. My first cigar was given to me by my Grandpa when I was about 10. My other Grandpa knew all about fun trouble too.

Here's another MOTORCYCLES WILL MICROWAVE YOUR BABY post. Sometimes I forget how much people fear motorcycles...