Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guest Review - Rallo's Pizza!

Gymi from Derelict Dirtbikes has contributed this great review of Rallo's pizza. I hope I can get up there some time to try it out.

Local folklore has it that Rallo’s is where Jared of Subway fame gained the 265 lbs that he lost eating those dreadful Subway subs. Formerly Nero’s Pizza, Rallo’s was formed after an employee purchased the business back in 1995.
Rallo’s serves up the absolute best deep dish slab in southeast Michigan. I have put down my share of pie, and for my money I look no further. The sauce has addictive properties that are so strong, it may become habit forming if not eaten under the direct supervision of a physician. The FDA is looking to categorize it as a narcotic. My doctor has gained almost as much weight as I have supervising my feasting sessions ( I think he may be addicted as well). I’m not kidding the pizza sauce they create is the best I have ever had.

I may need a twelve step program to get me off this stuff before I suffer the fate of Jared, and have to go on a strict diet of bland subs and walking ( who walks to workout?) The cheese is piled high and generous helpings of toppings are thrown into the mix, the crust is burnt in all the right places to create the best slab I have ever run though my digestive tract.

They also make round, though good, can’t hold a candle to the deep dish. Along with their pizza, they also offer subs, pasta dishes, salads and wings. Their subs are whipped up the old fashioned way and baked in their pizza ovens to perfection. As a matter of fact, their subs are almost as good as their pies are.

So if you are ever in Royal Oak Michigan, and are looking for some great slab, look up Rallo’s. They are kinda hard to find. Located on the end of a strip mall at the North East corner of 13 mile and Main, 121 E. 13 mile to be exact. They are carry out or delivery only. Make sure to have your eating pants nearby or at least have explosive bolts installed on your blue jeans so you can blow the hatch and hit the couch to catch the Tigers game after you have engorged your self. If I were Lucky, this place would get 5 crying Lucky’s, But I’m not, so I guess I’ll give Rallo’s 5 crying Gymi’s instead.