Wednesday, December 31, 2008

God Lord, it's almost over!

How in God's name did the year get like this? It's in tatters! Tired and could 2008 have been so abused? I mean, I didn't really do anything that crazy this year. In fact I would have to admit to having been rather laid back and lazy. So how is it, when I look at the ass end of 2008...all I see are the tattered remains of a fat ass?

I dunno...I just dunno. Thinking back on 2008, it's been a rather unremarkable year. The best thing I can think of coming out of this year, is the fact I simply grow closer, and more dependent on Jeff. That's all I'm gonna say about him.

I have all these un-lived aspirations from the year of 2008. That is no one's fault but mine. It's amazing how easy it is to shirk off the things you dream of, and make excuses for not doing them. I've rarely done that in my past. If I wanted to do it, I found a way to do it.

Last week, I was on google looking for some places to ride to here on the east coast. I'm looking for things and places that have events other than large bike shows and rallies. I have found a number of things that look promising, and I have sent off to the communities hosting these events for more information. As the information comes in, I will blog about the possibilities I may see for a road trip!

Coming up very soon is the V-Twin Expo in know, that's not all that far from here...I'm wondering...if the weather will hold, I sure would like to just show up there...and meet up with all the people I know and haven't seen in a few years...yeah, I would like that....

I recently heard from a friend...someone I seemed to have lost contact with for a while. He had quite a bad accident with his bike this past year. He was wearing a helmet and still suffered severe head trauma. He is fighting to regain his abilities and get back on the bike and ride...God bless him...I know he will do it, stubborn and all that, not to mention, one has to lay down to die...and that just ain't Richard! You go man...and I'll be talking with you soon!

Pappy emailed me this morning to tell me about some strength exercises he does...they sound excellent for me...and I can't wait to start working on them! I'm stopping by a store on the way home to buy what I want to use to start with...and by tomorrow AM...I shall be doing some curling exercises to go along with my walking routine. I so badly want to get fit again.

I have also found the menu I created for myself back in the fall of '05. That was the year I lost over 40 pounds...and kept it off for 2.5 years...until I started getting stupid...and making lame excuses for I just have to work harder to get myself to a weight I feel good at, and hope I will still look good. Damn getting older still sucks!

OK, I'll let you all return to your normal lives now. Maybe by the start of the week, I will have a good riding story for you? I hope so.