Sunday, January 11, 2009


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I found a website today, and it got me thinking about leather. So I think I will write a little something about leather, and since I have so many thoughts regarding this subject, I believe I will do this in sections. And have something posted daily until I get bored or done with the subject!

I like leather. As a biker, I would guess it’s more like a second skin (in my mind) than a by product of animal slaughter.. Photobucket

Did you know that Kangaroo skin is used to make items that need to be strong but flexible, and therefore it is the material most commonly used in high quality bullwhips? Kangaroo leather is favored by some motorcyclists for use in motorcycle leathers specifically because of its lighter weight and higher abrasion resistance compared with cowhide, thus providing greater protection in case of a fall on the roadway.

Kangaroo….interesting. Photobucket
I didn’t know that about motorcycle leathers…I guess I’m just a poor girl…whose pocketbook barely allows for pig or cow leather to clad her body.

You know, bull whips can be fun, and after looking up some information on them as I was writing this…I’m amazed about some of the facts regarding them. For instance, Did you know: because of the way a bullwhip's length, flexibility, and tapered design allows it to be thrown, that toward the end of the throw, part of the whip exceeds the speed of sound - thereby creating a small sonic boom? SONIC BOOM? You mean to tell me that crack is a mini sonic boom? Wow….the things we learn when we get curious!

Check out this stuff! Photobucket I think that kangaroo key fob would fit my personality nicely…Yes, I do like that!

Did you also know, that according to Wikipedia...originally, motorcycle leathers were adapted from tank corps gear immediately following World War I. Duster Coats, which tended to catch in the wheels, were switched for short coats. Wide-pegged breeches were worn by some motorcycle police and by dispatch riders in World War II, but were largely abandoned in the post-war years because of their association with certain Nazi uniforms. Photobucket

I’m gonna leave y’all with a vintage look at female motorcyclists. I challenge anyone to say these ladies weren’t sexy! Wow….beautiful!

Till later...