Monday, February 2, 2009

NONOBJECT Design Fiction : nUCLEUS

NONOBJECT Design Fiction : nUCLEUS

OK everyone, I just love the Internet. You know if not for this incredible media outlet, I would never find half the odd shit that crosses my path regarding motorcycles...or concept motorcycles.

(Click on the headline to see what I'm talking about here!)

Here we are boys and girls, the NONOBJECT! It appears boxy from the side, but...when you watch the video, you will have to agree, is a wind splitter. But damn, this thing is ugly. It's a concept bike kiddies, so let's not get into what engine it has...and all the really neat questions regarding frame construction, brakes used front and rear, transmission 4,5,6 speed? All those little nasty's are not important...what is at stake here is an advent guard design. Functionality be damned! Notice the turn radius of the front wheel and handle bars? Yikes!

OK guys and dolls...let's not get our undies or short hairs twisted...this is actually fiction, just some desk jocky's conception of what of...well God only knows what this guy had in mind when he designed this! Big thumbs down!!!!