Monday, February 23, 2009

Stupid, or Apathetic?

As I was tooling down the road on Sunday morning, I noticed some dude in his driveway doing... something... with a gas-operated power tool of some kind.

When I was close enough to see what he was doing, it was too late to avoid the barrage of little rocks and grit his turned-90-degrees weedwacker was pitching into the road.

Getting hit with little rocks and high velocity dirt sucks. And it sucks even if you're in a car - little rocks aren't known for their paint-enhancing qualities.

I was torn between stopping and rending unto the tool-operator (emphasis on tool), and continuing on my merry way. I chose the latter option, since I've learned that confronting a jerk is like heaving a bowling ball onto a trampoline - the actual results are never the desired results.

I'm not sure if this is a problem everywhere, or just here in the desert, but I've been peppered with road-detritus by more jerks with leaf-blowers and other obnoxious devices than I can count.

How hard is it to stop blowing crap around when you see a biker? I know most of them have seen me - in a lot of cases, we've made eye contact.

So are these people stupid, apathetic, or willful asshats?