Monday, March 2, 2009

BSA motorcycle, 1922

BSA motorcycle, 1922, originally uploaded by Peer Lawther.

Here's a great piece of motorcycle history...the sidecar hack.
I don't care who you are, you haven't really lived until you've ridden in a sidecar. It's actually fun. It's even more fun to watch a sidecar race...although why they would call those platforms that hang off the side of the motorcyle a "sidecar" is beyond me....

Hey check out the brakes on this BSA. wow...and the wheels! Don't you just love those spokes? What a great bike. So much about this early 20's look I love, the floorboards, check out the V-twin engine! Man oh much to enjoy here! Oh and that springer front end...sheesh...look at that great lamp? Oh my...oh much more...see that cam cover? Bet that leaked oil like a sive...