Monday, April 20, 2009

American Classic Museum of Harley Davidson…and Diner…and a Whole Lot More!

A week ago, while driving the highways of North Carolina, Jeff and I happened across a little museum by the name of American Classic Motorcycle Company.

1170 Highway 64 West
Asheboro NC
Phone: 336.629.9564

This place is not only a museum (which is free and asks for donations at the foot of the stairs before you walk up into the museum), but is also a diner

AND a motorcycle repair and restoration shop,

AND a souvenir shop, AND a display case for one of the owner/partners art!

I meant to take more pictures of his art, but I was whisked away by Jeff after out upstairs visit to the museum. Jeff was very hungry, but had no intentions of eating there at the diner, he had spent $85.00 at the gift shop, and was feeling kind of foolish…but really darlin' I DO need those gauntlet gloves you bought me…thank you so much. As for the T-shirts, they were overpriced, but I guess it's how they help pay for the museum upstairs!

Well, speaking of the museum, I have to tell you, when we first arrived, we saw the donation box at the foot of the stairs as you go up. Jeff stuck some money in the box, and up the stairs we climbed. As your climbing the stairs, your looking up to the top of the stairs and you see posters…old posters, advertising Harley Davidson. These posters are not of the "new to look old" variety.

They were the genuine articles! Unfortuenetly I didn't capture good pictures of those posters, and even these photos of "The Enthusiast" covers that line the walls are of poor quality…but y'all needed to see something of what there is for us to enjoy on the upper floor of this building!

Once Jeff and I were at the top of the stairs we could see there was work going on up here. Renovations? Well yes, I guess you could call it that, although I think mostly it was a carpet exchange going on. It was evident the old flooring had been removed, and we were currently staring at a concrete floor that showed some signs of gluing in a past age.

Ignoring that, your eye begins to look for the motorcycles and I was immediately disappointed. The bikes were behind Plexiglas, all lined up side by side, with no room between them to get an eyeball of what was the engine, or the rear of the bike.

Very disappointing indeed. Jeff and I walked the horseshoe display area, looked at the bikes and I was just ready to leave. Thanks to my Jeff, always the negotiator, we didn't. Instead, we headed back downstairs to the showroom display area (which if your walking into the building is to the right of the diner,) we stroll around there, until the guy behind the counter frees up.

Jeff ambles over to the counter-man and introduces himself as well as me to him. The guys name is Ed Rich…huh, that's the name on all the paintings that cover the walls in both the diner portion as well as the showroom portion of the building. There are paintings on the floor leaning against walls, there are paintings framed and ready for sale hanging ON the walls…there are paintings everywhere by Ed Roth, and they are excellent paintings as well. Not cheap shoddy displays of ego…but actually oil paintings of some worth and value…If only said I….if only…

Talking to Ed, Jeff and I got him to take us back upstairs to look closer at the bikes. Ed pulled open the wide Plexiglas doors and allowed me to enter and start clicking away at the bikes.

There were plenty there to gander, but again, many were not in good enough position for me to click pictures of that would be of interest to any of you!

Let's have a look at some of the wonderful early Harley Davidson's Ed has upstairs…tucked away until he gets his new carpeting in…or longer, because some parents are too lazy or stupid to keep their rug rats off the bikes when they were located in the center of the floor…what a shame, a waste…and I guess it's not just the kids who were sitting on the classics…and now antiques…Ed tells me it was a whole gaggle of people who just thought the bikes were there for them to climb on and behave badly with and around…such a waste and a shame…here are some pictures, I would like for you to enjoy the beauty of the bikes if you can!


Now downstairs, where the parts department and diner are, you'll find these two bikes…more as well, but these were the ones that presented the most interest to me!

Notice the paintings along the floor and on the walls with the WWII bike? Very nice place after all! Check Ed Rich's work by clicking on the words "American Classic" below!

Ed and his partner are planning a classic motorcycle show in the new future…Please be sure to visit their webpage for more information as it becomes available!

American Classic