Monday, April 13, 2009

A Suitable Cage...

OK, I think I've mentioned before that I want a van for those times when four-wheeled transport is required. Vans are awesome for so many reasons it would take me a whole post just to cover them.

This is not that post.

On Friday night, Lady Luck and I had an experience that, temporarily, made me think "time for a new cage."

Lady Luck wants a lifted 4x4 pick-'em-up. If I can't get a van, I want a shiny black muscle car.

I spent a few minutes looking at the new bitchin' Camaros, and decided I still like the new Dodge Challenger better. Sorry Chevy.

So, I spent a few minutes configuring a Challenger of my very own on Dodge's site. I want the R/T, as there's really no point to a V-6 muscle car, and I can't even begin to rationalize the SRT8 model to myself.

Anyway, so I've got this nice, black, sexy Challenger configured to my liking, and see a handy link to find a car at a local dealership! And, by Crom's beard, a nearby dealer had the exact car with the exact specs I wanted in stock. Unbelievable!

So, I cruise out to their site, which had a handy payment calculator...

If I were to put down $20,000, I still couldn't afford the payments over 60 months.

A bummer.

Good thing we don't NEED a new Challenger...