Saturday, May 2, 2009


The PC I use for my photo editing and writing has crashed. SOB...or is that S.O.B. ? At any rate, I'm using Mom's PC downstairs.

Today, I'm going out to shoot at my brother's model train club here in Johnson City. IF the shoot comes about well, and I'm satisfied with the shots, I would like to share them here. Since it's a really cool model train club, I think it should be included as a place of interest to visit if or when you come to Johnson City TN.!

I was up before the crack of dawn today, hoping to shoot the sunrise over the covered bridge downtown. What a disappointment. No sun. ahhhh well.

OK folks, I will be posting the shots today sometime, after I download some editing programs here to Mom's PC. For now...I'm outta SR. Puppy is hungry...time to feed him...he's been out for his walk already and had his milk he wants real substance...poor dog...his mistress treats him very badly indeed!