Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fog Off! Review

Fog Off! Review

This winter on my daily commute ride I got to experience something new to me. Being blessed most of my life with good vision; I’d never had to battle fogging glasses before. Now at the start of my middle ages I found myself having to hold what I was reading farther and farther away to read it and having a hard time with small text. Alas, I’m getting old. Now I wear reading glasses, even as I’m writing this. I currently ride my V-Star 1100 wearing a half helmet and I wear either sunglasses or goggles with various colored lenses, depending on conditions, for eye protection.

As winter pulled us farther and farther away from the sun, the temperatures started to drop. It wasn’t long before I started observing a strange phenomenon, usually in the morning. I was riding with clear riding glasses because it’s dark in the morning when I leave for work. Every time I slowed down and came to a stop my glasses were fogging up on the inside. It would clear up when I started moving but eventually you just got to stop.

My ability to see got poorer as the temperature dropped. I finally purchased a neoprene riding mask to keep the icy wind of my face and that made it even worse. The mask seemed to direct my breath strait onto the inside of my glasses. Now even moving it would fog. I remembered back to the days I had a diving mask and you could apply spit to the inside lens of the mask to keep it from fogging. So, I tried it. It did not work of course. I switched to goggles and it did not help. It got to the point that it was scary to have to slow down and stop. It was time for me to do something if I was going to continue to ride.

I remembered reading an anti-fog test comparison once on web Bike World. So I decided to stop in at Cycle Gear and see what they had. The helpful salesperson handed me a bottle of FOG OFF! It came with its own small microfiber applicator cloth. It comes in a small 29.5 ML pump spray bottle and states MADE IN U.S.A. The bottle claims it is made with Exofogonium 3, whatever that is. The directions simply read:


I applied some to my clear night riding glasses according to the directions before my morning commute. Well, I don’t know what is in FOG OFF, but it worked. After riding about a week I started noticing some dampness distortion on the inside of my riding glasses, so I reapplied FOG OFF and it went away. One application seemed to last about a week for me. I cannot say this is the best anti-fog solution out there because I have not tried any others. I will say that it performed and lasted as well as I expected. I now keep the bottle of FOG OFF and cloth in my saddlebag. Torch gives FOG OFF! a M.M.M Rating of 8 out of 10.

Ride on,
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