Friday, May 29, 2009

Memphis Shades Phenomenal Customer Service

Memphis Shades Phenomenal Customer Service

Mediocre service is easy to find these days and poor service is all too common. I work in the customer service industry and I know. I am very aware of customer service and I recognize good service when I see it and I don’t mind bragging about or tipping well, when I receive it. This is a story about phenomenal customer service.

So, there I was in the fast lane, heading home at warp 8 a month or so ago, when I notice my Memphis Shades windshield is vibrating a lot. Well, it was windier out than the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles anyway. Then I noticed the left side of the windshield appears to be flapping more than the right side. Now I’m starting to get concerned and wondering if something is wrong.

I get to my exit and stop for the light. Yes, I actually do stop on occasion. I reached up with my clutch hand, the one on my left for you non motorcyclists, and grabbed the left side of the Memphis Shades windshield and pushed and pulled on it. The whole left side was loose. I decided I would investigate further when I got home, hoping it had just come loose.

I rode into the driveway, dismounted, and inspected the windshield and how it mounted to the bike. As it turns out, the left side upper hardware that mounts the windshield to the bracket on the bike is completely missing. I torqued the remaining hardware noting ironically the use of ASE Hex head screws on my metric bike. So, I headed inside to see if I could locate some replacement hardware online.

I went straight for the Memphis Shades website. I looked up the model I had and found the hardware kit including a picture. Next, I fired off an email to Customer Service explaining my predicament. I told them of the fact that I bought the bike used with the windshield already on the bike. I informed them I was willing to purchase the missing hardware if they could direct me in the right direction. I included all the part numbers and the diagram from their website. After all, it was negligence on my part that caused it to be missing any way. Now I waited for a response.

The next day I had my email answer from Mary in Customer Service, who stated simply, “ok i will get these out.” Three days later a package arrived in the mail from Memphis Shades. I opened it and to my surprise there was two of everything I needed to repair my windshield. I also did not find any billing information, even for the shipping. I went immediately to the garage and installed the missing spacer, nut and bolt. Everything worked flawlessly and Mistress was complete once again with her Memphis Shades windshield nice and tight.

I went back inside and fired off another email to Mary at Memphis Shades Customer Service letting her know I had received the package and asked how much money I owed them. She replied back the next day to the email, “Hi Torch, you dont owe me anything. Thanks, Mary.” I was shocked, literally. Memphis Shades had just knocked my socks off with jaw dropping, eyebrow raising customer service. I was indeed wowed. It is rare that you come across that kind of customer service anywhere, anyplace, any time.

This post is to say thanks to Mary in Customer Service and to Memphis Shades for making such a fine product and going over and above in standing behind their product and in helping someone out even when they did not have too because it definitely was not a product issue.

Ride on,

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