Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Best of Henry's St. Chopper Show, Part 2 Black Sporty

There are lots of cool Knuckles Pans and Shovels but, when it comes to Sportsters it takes a lot more finesse to get one right. Most dudes miss the mark. Here's one done with globs of class. As a matter of fact it made a big splash all over the internet after it was shown at the Grand Nationals in Pomona.

The key to this bike is keeping the lines simple and clean. Straight laced spokes and a tiny spool ad to the effect.

You just can't help but love that big SU with velocity stack not to mention the mag.

This qualifies as Engine Art. Clear braided oil and fuel lines takes one back to the seventies. Did I mention that this thing is clean?

Notice how the sissy bar's fender mounts nicely echo the lines of the forks, handlebars and risers?

In many ways this bike is understated. It just proves you don't need wild paint and wacky parts to knock'em dead.

You just don't get tired of looking at that SU. Clean lines, an Ironhead, and a big carb. Makes me think I'm looking at an old issue of Custom Chopper magazine.

It could have been featured in this issue.