Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hut? Seriously?

So, Pizza Hut is changing it's name to "The Hut" in order to fit with their new, less-pizza-focused brand direction.

Perhaps it's because I remember the movie Spaceballs, but I refuse to eat at a place called The Hut. Of course, I refused to eat there anyway, but run with me for a second.

So you've got a brand KNOWN for pizza. You are, in fact, so well known that Mel Brooks created a anthropomorphic pizza villain named after you. Your pizza creations have inspired frozen pizza makers to stuff their crusts with cheese. You even have a worthy adversary in Papa Johns. How many people can say they have a worthy adversary??

And so you decide to branch out into other foods rather than, say, increase the quality of your pizza offerings?

Just how much reefer were those execs smoking? Clearly, they need a firm hand, which is why I'm leaving work right now to enact a hostile pizza takeover and turn things around over there....

Or, you know, not.