Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Triumph Demands Proper Footwear

One of the laces on my boots broke the other morning.

Since I was barely half-awake at the time, I just strapped on the closest pair of shoes, put on the rest of my gear and hopped on the Triumph to ride in to work.

On the way home again, I remembered why I always always always wear boots on the Triumph.

The Triumph runs hot. When the bike is warmed up, the temperature gauge generally indicates about 100 degrees celsius, or higher. During the cooler months, I can sort of get away with not wearing boots. During the summer, however, the heat coming off the motor burns my damn legs.

I had two nice red patches just above the tops of my socks last night where the Triumph had cooked me. Good times.

I didn't manage to get new boot laces last night, so today I rode the Vespa in. So far, so comfy.