Monday, September 28, 2009

El Camino 09 Part 2

It took me so long just to do the swap meet, that by the time I made it back to the show area, many of the bikes were loaded and gone. Most of the bikes left belonged to guys waiting to hear if they had won anything.

If your into Antique MC's , you probably know this fella. Mike's done bikes for big shots such as Jay Leno.

This '66 returned but this time with a side hack.

Too flashy for me and likely for the judges as well.

Craig Taylors exceptionally clean '61.

I heard he took it all the way to Davenport.

You had to see this BMW's color in person to really appreciate it.

Nice '51. I love black wheels but not with whites. If your into flash and want to run whites wouldn't it make more sense to have chrome wheels?

Interesting but too much flash (and red), for my taste. All that work, so why the funky and torn '80's Sportster seat?

A simple Chief. It may have been the only Indian in this groups line up.

Pepper Red and Ivory White. Yes, the factory really did this simple form of two tone for '54.

This funny little Powell was the last (scooter class), bike standing when I came back. It appears the seat and rack are sprung by those 3 springs in the back.