Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bike Just Didn't Want To Stop At Gray

Wow...It's been a long time, but I got to ride today. My bike is fixed...she's running well. I at first felt she was grumpy...and I felt like she lost some top end. But...I know now that's not a fact. After 170 miles today, I know she's better than ever. Some of the vibration I use to feel is gone. It's not in my handlebars like it once was...nor is it in my seat...kinda miss that feeling though...if ya get my drift?

Well folks, please meet my new addition to the family: His name is Shrik. He came to us when we weren't looking for him. I think he's an old soul...He may even have passed my Jocky on the way to us...because he already knows about licking my face (I hate it,) and he knows he he not allowed to jump up on us...he hasn't done that once.

Back to the is my route...and I'm very sorry, but I just couldn't get the little girl to stop in Gray for the Fossil show.  I'll have to miss it I guess.  Here's my route, 163 miles today.  Are you ready for the ride?

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