Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a couple things

So, I hear (via's twitter feed) that Buell is halting production of new motorcycles. While I had no intention of ever getting one, I'm mildly bummed all the same. It's frustrating that the choices of American motorcycle are essentially Harley or Just-Like-Harley. I know Buell was also Harley-based, but at least he did something new with it.

And in other news, I just learned the other day that a major one-percenter club's clubhouse is within three blocks of my home. My immediate reaction was amazement, because in the four years I've lived in my current neighborhood, I've seen ONE member of that club, and it wasn't especially close to home. Once I got done being amazed, I started singing "These Are The People In My Neighborhood." I love diversity!