Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Ride Around the Lakes....

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Yesterdays ride wasn't a long one. About 47 miles according to Google Maps. All the same, I spent 3.5 quality hours with my bike and with nature. It did me as much good as a six hour 200 mile ride around here....I felt renewed when I got home AND I had these great pictures to show you! So, here we go again....Fall in North Eastern Tennessee.

The first stop is at a great photogenic barn. The owner of the farm came over and talked to me. He has a 79 Low Rider.... I would like to ride that, I taught my mom to ride on a 79 low rider...what a classic great bike!


My next stop is on Steel Bridge Road. Lovely road...this is a Texaco sign...with no gas station in's gone now, all but the cool sign.

At the same photograpic spot as the Texaco sign, are these bridge pilings. I suspect it was for a railroad, not a road...but I could easily be wrong.

This is just below TVA's Wilber Dam. It's on....yeah you guessed it: Wilber Dam Road. If you look closely, you will spot a fly fisherman in the water....

A trout hole...and Wilber Dam

We are still on Wilber Dam Road, this time we are above the dam. This is Wilber Lake.

This is a picnic area off Horsedam Road....

I liked the root system of this tree on the I took a photo....

This is an overlook on Lookout Road below Watuga Dam.

Another view from the same area:

Here are a few more...absolute peace is what I derived from these spots...

This is off RT 321 as we travel up into the the mountains around Watuga Lake. It's a Federal Park/picnic one was's a lovely spot.

This is still at the park/picnic bike and Lake Watuga...

This is from an Over Look off RT 321. National Forests are so cool, aren't they?

From roadside Picnic area, once again this is off RT 321.

This is a marina that sits on the lake.

Returning to my bike after a hike to the Lake...

The sky on my ride home....does it get much better?