Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day in the Dirt

Wes and I spent the last two days out in the dirt at LACR for the Day in the Dirt motocross event. Neither of us have a motocross background so it was pretty cool to see up close and personal. LACR has an amazing track. We brought out the desert bikes to show them off and everyone seemed fascinated by the "two springers" with metal fenders. The gentleman in the picture actually competed in the vintage class with his Triumph thanks to a donor part from a Wing Nut bike. He won something, so I guess that means we won something. Everyone came up to us and said "hi." Looks like next year we may be crazy enough to give the track a try. The most fascinating bike I saw out there competing was an Evo Sportster in full motocross frame and suspension. I tried to get a picture of the bike, but after he disappeared into the 7 story drop, we never saw him again. That friggin motor weighed more than most of the bikes out there!