Friday, November 27, 2009

US 17 From GA. to FL. Coastal Highway.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove my Mom to Florida.  I started out on I-26, but if any of you have been reading about me for very also know these inter-state routes bore me.  By the time we got to the SC-GA boarder...I knew I had to leave I-95 and get on another southerly US road to Florida or go crazy.  I've traveled I-95 so many times, I can drive most of it's stretches with it's details burned into my memory. The only thing that perhaps changes, is the amount of trash found on the roadsides of these Inter-state roads.  

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I didn't ride my motorcycle on this trip, but you have to know, this is a great motorcycle road!  My next trip to Florida, I will be be taking this highway!  It has excellent views, wonderful history...great old and small towns to visit as well as explore...I'm coming back this's too cool to miss.

Here are some of the pictures I was able to stop in the car to capture...there were so many more, I was unable to grab with my lens.  No places for a large luxury auto to pull of much less turn around I can get my pictures...but these are are too cool to miss...check em out!

Here is the first place I was able to pull over at...Butler Island. This picture is of the Butler Plantation...a 19th century rice plantation created by a famous couple, Fanny Kemble and Pierce Butler.  Fanny was an accomplished stage actress, and Pierce was due to become the richest man in America. Their story is an amazing one.  History is some good stuff, please click here for more information on Fanny and Pierce!

This is a picture of a dock that I believe, was the landing and loading area for the plantation. This waterway lead to the ocean.

This picture, is of an island next to the plantation, just beautiful how the reflection comes back at the lens. Don't you agree?  There is an old cement bridge here, now used by fishermen and shutter bugs like also boasts a picnic table...It's a wonderful place to stop for a breather...

I snapped this fishing boat leaving the area...I am still standing on the cement bridge as I snap this picture:

Climbing back in Mom's car, we continue our trek south on US 17/25.  This area is so full of history...I would of liked to have been alone on my bike so I could stay for hours, stopping where ever I felt the need to...but ...ah well...this is the next place I found...another bridge that has been replaced...this one looks over the shipping channels for Savannah and beyond:

This is an image of the bridge that has replaced the bridge I was standing on...what a beautiful bridge.  You know I think GA. has the most beautiful styled bridges...

Check this out!  This ship is a car carrier....

In Historic Woodbine GA. Mom spotted this sign...she still talks about it...yeah, I guess it's got it's funny associations to it. 

We didn't tour this place, but as an antique shop and a will most certainly hold some curious items!

Now, in White Oak GA. I found this great old store. It's no longer in business...but...ahhh I love the wood.

And tell...ya don't like the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees....

The tin roof....

The brick Chimney:

Where else but small town America, do you find these little country churches that hold so much love and respect?  

A mural of a proud heritage of this little town in GA.  It no longer boasts the trade of the waterways...not like this, but I've been told these's a great little place to go fishing.

The old and the new...I really like this shot:

My parting shot...a long closed motel.  This is on US 17/25 near the FL GA state line.  I guess back before I-95, this was a bustling rest stop for the traveling public....shame it's gone....

Now for a little post script.  While visiting my brother in Florida, my camera has stopped operating.  I am in the process of looking into cameras I can afford.   It will be my Christmas present from my MR. and my it maybe a while before you see any new pictures from me here.  

It's coming on winter...less I will be writing about things that catch my eye in the news of don't forget to keep stopping in!