Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Storm Watch and a new Camera

I'm really ecstatic. I got my early Christmas and Birthday present today. A brandy wine new Nikon D3000.
Right now, the battery is charging. It won't be ready for me to play with it till tomorrow. Just in time for the predicted four inches of snow we should be getting tomorrow...with more snow predicted on Sat.  We live in an area that is rather protected from snow.  Everyone around us from Abbington to Boone will be getting from seven inches right up to eleven inches!  WOW...

All the same, I'm sure I will be finding some great winter photo OPs around my house here...
Well, hang in there...I'll be coming back with some photos of the snow...maybe I'll get the crane who comes and hangs out in our creek in the back yard?  That would be cool, he's kinda a steel blue color, and if the snow is around it will be a cool contrast... I wonder if he will stand around long nuff for me to capture him? 

OK thanks for coming around y'all...I'll be up and running again soon.