Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's too dang cold to ride....everyone is in the grip of an arctic blast. This has been going on now for what you guys?????? TWO WEEKS? Come on already! Time to get the heat blast burning...don't you agree?

In the mean time, today I took Mom's car out, there is ice on the roads around I took Mom to church...and then went in search of photographs. I really didn't go to far at is Mom's church!

I leave the church yard and head for the covered bridge once more. This time, I don't have anybody with me checking his watch...wanting to get back home to his comfies....this time...I'm to myself, and I love it!

A couple of days ago...while doing things I sometimes do without my bike, I stop to take pictures of a chrome bumper grave yard. Or perhaps I guess these guys would like to think this is simply a "resting" place until someone in the country who is rehabing an old automobile...calls as says..."Do you have a front AND rear bumper for....???" Well yes my son, we here at Elizabethton Chome have anything you long as it's a chrome bumper....

I also have been to my favorite cheese section of the grocery store in town:

And finally....a brutal ice scene.