Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Harley-Davidson reps announce trike production will be moved from Lehman Trikes, based in Spearfish, S.D., to the Springettsbury Township plant in York County.

"Our decision to move trike assembly is based purely on the restructuring of Harley Davidson's York operations, which now provides the opportunity for us to build trikes in house and streamline trike assembly and distribution," says Julie Chichlowski, director of Trike Platform at Harley-Davidson.

Production of trikes at the Springettsbury Township plant starts this summer, when work on 2011 models begins.

It's been reported on Fox 43 out of Harrisburg PA. that Harley is recruiting about 400 "casual" workers.  This announcement was made on the 13th, while the announcement for the in house trike builds was widely reported on January 18th.   Harley, rather than calling back and rehiring the hundreds of worker who have been laid off over the past 12 months, invited hand picked ex-workers to come back and interview for the "casual" work slots.  The casual worker is not entitled to any employee benefits.  So it's not going to be any secret how they are going to save money doing the job in house.  The Casual worker will not be able to acquire 40 hours a week, but they will receive $16.75 an hour in compensation.  

I'm happy for Harley Davidson of York.  Some of you maybe aware, I lived in  Lancaster County PA for about ten years.  I'm proud HD has found a way to stay in business and recall some of the laid off workers...even if only as casual part time workers.  I believe the labor union may have something to say about this...depends on how smart HD was in the restructuring of the company.   I have a feeling the Union will have a hard time getting their way...most unions are pretty ineffectual these days.