Thursday, February 4, 2010

Better Tires for Better Riding

I gotta say, I absolutely love my Pilot Road 2 tires.

Tire quality makes a huge difference in the overall motorcycle riding experience. My experience with the previous incarnation of Pilot Roads was that they had no grip (leading to a lot of scary moments) and they caused sluggish handling.

Not so with the Pilot Road 2 tires. I feel like I could drag my knee all day with these tires. I'm going to have to see how tight I can get my figure-eights one of these days...

In the parking garage at my office, there is a turn where the floor is painted all the way through. I have NO idea why they did that, but it resulted in a slick, low-visibility nightmare. On the old tires, that turn was usually the scariest part of my ride.

But the new tires stick like velcro. I no longer feel like I'm suddenly going to lose traction and eat pavement in every curve. It's nice. In fact, it's made a huge difference in how much I enjoy riding.

So, if you're buying tires, spring for the good ones. It's completely worth it.