Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deja Vu on my Commute

This morning I got stuck riding behind a black S.U.V. on the freeway. Of course, the driver was a slowbie, and wouldn't move to the right to let me pass. I slowed down to maintain a safe following distance, and cruised along to my exit.

The S.U.V. took my exit. Nothing weird there. Then they turned the same way I do. Again, not that weird.

Then, after the next stoplight, they were off to the races. That was weird. They did weird things like changing lanes back and forth for no reason and passing another car which was travelling plenty quick.

I coincidentally followed this truck all the way to my parking garage, where the driver did an abrupt U-turn I'd seen performed by a black S.U.V. another time...

It made me think of a detail in Wiseguy, how the gangsters would drive erratically to see if they were being followed. Apparently someone was a little paranoid this morning.

Dear S.U.V. pilot - I'm still not stalking you. I'm still not trying to kill you. We just happen to take the same route to work in the same place. Have a nice day.