Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just For Giggles Is A Perfectly Valid Reason For Early Morning Hooliganism

Some mornings, a biker just needs to lean his motorcycle way the hell over through a left turn and see how high of an exit speed he can achieve. And some mornings, that biker also needs to lean way the hell over through a right turn and see how high of an exit speed he can achieve while staying in the rightmost lane.

Yeah, dragging a knee in office clothes isn't the best idea when you've got a morning meeting with clients, but sometimes a little extra grime and a bit of fraying that wasn't there yesterday is exactly what a rider needs to break free of existential gravity, as Gary calls it.

At the very least, it's worth a shot. There's nothing like a little dose of freedom to help you stay sane on your way in to the office.

A couple of hard turns with excessive lean certainly helped me stay awake a while longer than I would have had I ridden at a more leisurely pace this morning. Accelerating hard up the on ramp into traffic even loosened up my concrete scowl enough to let a small smile break through.

And that is why riding to work is awesome.