Friday, April 2, 2010


Highlights from last weekend's Swap Meet.

Highly accessorized "Barn Fresh" (you sick of that term yet?), 1950 WL with original paint. Very cool, but 20K for a 45 seems like a pretty steep hill to climb.

Everyone needed a photo or a better look. From what I overheard, several guys had no idea of what they were looking at.

Classic. You'll never go wrong if you keep them clean and simple.

This Mustang looks like it would be fun, but for 5.5k, I'd opt for a real motorcycle. I don't really care for the modern wheels. These gas tanks were a source for many early choppers.

Every now and then, the talented Jimmy C. hocks his wares. Artist, sculpture, painter, striper, the guy is proficient at so many things.

Except for the lame tacked on fat bars, this Servi-Car will take you back. Looks like a relic from the Big Bike era.

Funny how the sun was lined up just about perfect when I shot it. I didn't ask the price, later in the day heard it sold for only $2,500.

Potentially a nice pan. What kind of mushrooms was he on? That color job won't help sell it.

As always, Slim was there with his wild van. It's his daily driver and those pipes just blow out the sun roof. Go check out his blog (in my list), to see his skills. If he keeps practicing, one of these days, he'll get his lettering down.

Flathead Fern displayed another one of his rebuilds. Very cool cam cover, I must say.

Overall it was a great day. It was the busiest and biggest meet there has been for a while. I had a good time wheeling and dealing, and talking shop with several friends.

Speaking of swap meets, I'm thinking of starting a new (linked), blog dedicated to the task of selling parts. What do you think, anybody interested?