Friday, May 7, 2010

Historic Interest

I was never a fan of Mr. Presley but, these photos are historically interesting of the MotorCycle kind.

Elvis Lover Keeping company aboard a '58.

Elvis Copper Why he's on a 60-64 police Duo-Glide is beyond me?

Elvis Chopper Too bad it's fuzzy. This one is confusing. At first glance, it looks like a '81 Wide Glide with a "Frisco Style" Sportster tank, but he died in '77. Because of the camera shake, it's hard to tell if that's a drum or disc brake or a wide or narrow glide. Anyone know about this bike?

Elvis Dresser Here on a rarely seen '71 Sparkling America (white with red and blue accents), Electra-Glide. Sadly, his young lady friend died in a car accident one year later.

Elvis Wheeler Very seventies on a Stires Trike (Roth rip-off). Wheeler was the slang for trikes.

UPDATE! Hiro_67 sent a link in the comments to this photo on Flicker. It's a 66-69 shovel with a wide glide fork (maybe slightly narrowed?), with a Sportster drum brake laced to a 21". The tank is also from a Sportster, but the real surprise is that since the struts are straight, the rear fender and struts look to be from a Sportster as well. You don't or didn't see that very often. Pretty Cool, Thanks Hiro!