Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My New Route To Work is Awesome!

Yeah, maybe it's a little silly to be excited over something like a good route to work, but you have to understand how hard it is to get to my office. The area is a maze of one-way streets, dead-ends and construction. Since there are so few workable routes for the area, traffic is kind of intense as well.

But, apparently some of the recent construction has paid off in terms of making my commute easier. You see, a particular road was closed and torn up for so long due to light rail construction that now no one uses it.

Which means I get this glorious road mostly to myself. The stoplights are almost always go-lights, and if they aren't, there's so little traffic that I don't feel bad just letting off the gas and rolling slowly until the light is green again. If I tried that a block over, I'd get run over by an angry coffee-drinker on his/her cell phone. There are also several sections of road that are visually interesting enough, to me, that I get a bit of a charge riding through them.

All told, it takes me maybe ten minutes longer to get home than it would if I were using the HOV lane on the freeway. Frankly, for this much ease, I'll deal with ten extra minutes.

And I wouldn't have found this route if I hadn't been trying to exercise the Vespas. So, one more reason scooters are awesome: you're likely to find low-traffic back routes you might not have otherwise sought out.

Which is pretty cool when it works.