Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Ride Gone Bad Part 3

A Ride Gone Bad Part 3

Continued from A Ride Gone Bad Part 2

The wait for my wife to pick us up seemed like it would last forever. My left ankle was throbbing and swelling up like a balloon. On top of that my right elbow looked like it had half a golf ball under the skin. It hurt to take a deep breath, cough or laugh. Finally my wife arrived with Jakes wife Kristen and a couple of my kids. They helped me into the cage and we started the long drive home.

After dropping Jake and Kristen off at their house we arrived home and prepared to take me to my local medical center to get checked out. We arrived five minutes before closing and they stayed to let a doctor check me out. He looked me over and I was still getting light headed when lying down and setting up, or even just moving my head fast.

The doc said I had an almost concussion or as he put it “scrambled brains”. He gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and I declined one for pain. The doc also said keep ice on my ankle and heat on my upper back. The visit did not last very long and we headed for home. I stayed in bed the rest of the weekend with ice packs on my foot

I was able to gingerly limp into work on Monday with quite a bit of pain, but could not perform my duties at my normal rate of speed. I kept my ankle iced down at night and continued to take my anti-inflammatory medication until it was gone. By the end of the day Monday the bruising really started to appear. From the bruising on the front of my foot and the bend in the bikes shifter pedal I think my foot went under the shifter and got hyper extended at the ankle when I flew off.

I think Mistress, my bike, fared worse than me. The left front light bar is broken. The left rear turn signal stalk is damaged. The left saddle bag is damaged worse than it was. The left side of the wind screen was scraped as well as the shift lever, mirror, floorboard etc. The left handle bar mount was bent back. My sons handle bars were twisted and despite being in much pain managed to ride both the bikes one at a time back the next day.

My Scorpion helmet was scraped on the back and my Frogg Toggs don’t appear to have a scratch on them, even on the elbow that was scraped. There was also a small nick on the front of one of my boots. All in all as far as motorcycle accidents go it was not too bad. We both were able to basically walk away and the bikes were somewhat ride able. Now I just need to start saving up to fix the bike…