Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Chopper Drawings

When Greg Parigian sent his sculpture photos, I asked if he could send some of my old drawings that I haven't seen for years.

I haven't seen the top one since about 1969. He sent a copy of the bottom one a few years ago and it's been posted before.

The chopper out front is a trike featuring a surrey type top and wooden pickup box in the back. Until now, I completely forgot this drawing. It's funny how the memories come back.

I'm 99% sure this of an actual trike. There's are just too many details that I know I didn't make up. There was a Asian biker who went by the nickname "Chink" that had a trike like this. He and some other bikers lived in an old two story house across from the Jack in Box on the corner of Flower st. and Century Blvd in Inglewood, CA. Greg and I once rode our chopped Sting-Rays over to check out their bikes. The bikers got a real kick out of our bicycles and took turns trying to ride them. If only we took a camera. I Google mapped it, and it appears the house and a remodeled Jack in the Box are still there.