Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Southern Comfort: Just Me, My Sportster and the Road.

I'm tellin' ya: If riding were dyin'....well, I'd welcome being dead.  As it is though, riding is living. I'm glad of that. Life is kinda suckin' this year. The money tree seems to be dryin' up, the rides aren't as far, and the planned travel for this year isn't happen'.  Saddens me, but I do ride. I do discover new roads right here in my own back yard, and I've got some rockin' photos to show you.

This photo is on the Tennessee side of Roan Mountain. Looking out over the valley and into the National Forest. Today, was a special day for the coloring. Most times you have a kind of "purple haze" that tends to obscure the distant view. Not so today!

This next view is looking back up the mountain toward the North Carolina state line.

There are several shots from this day that are purely fun and keep ya wonderin' WTF?

I took this shot as I was cruising down the mountain. I set the camera so the shutter would take a bit longer to close. These kind of shots tend to exemplify what the riders sees with a frame mounted engine. God I love this!

I leave Roan Mountain and I now find myself riding through Tiger Valley! A quaint little 6.5 mile road with cool things like this to feast upon:

You guys know I will turn around to photograph a mural. Next up for the coolness factor is the cemetery with unknown civil war soldiers buried and honored in it.

The Daughters of the American Revolution are quite active around here.

James Teague, PVT. 18th Infantry (Tennessee)1st Divison

I've moved on down the road from here, I've visited a few grave yards, shot some great shots, and found a few more previously unexplored (by me) roads. This particular road afforded a few great novelty shots. What ya think?

I found myself after 108 miles on a set of rails. You all know how I feel about trains, right?

About 5 miles from home is Buffalo Mountain. Another wonderful photogenic place for the "LIL GIRL". Tennessee is a rockin' place for riding. I don't mind being broke when I'm lucky enough to have a million back roads like these to explore!

Let's go home sweetie: