Monday, June 6, 2011

Mike Likes It

Howdy, I was just checking out your blog and was in there for a long time checking out all your stuff. I also draw bike cartoons and used to paint bikes for Denver's Choppers on E. St. in old Berdoo. I have been drawing cartoons for some of the local motor cycle clubs in the area and wanted to share a couple with you. Keep up the good work and I hope you dig my art.

Respect, Mike Mafufa of Berdoo

We dig it. You've probably seen and admired Mike's art and old photos on the Church of Choppers blog. Not only is he (like most of us), a Roth fan, turns out he's also a fan of Pete Millar. Mike's artwork has a style of it's own, but kind of reminds me of Stanley Mouse.

A photo of Mike from the COC blog. I really dig this type of classic chop.