Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Wheeled Silliness

So as far as I'm concerned, there were two great movies made in the 80's - Goonies and Rad.

I don't need to explain Goonies, but for those of you unfortunate enough to have missed Rad the basic story is as follows: Big corporate BMX race comes to town, local bike riding kid wants to get in but isn't sponsored by a factory and isn't allowed to. Kid figures out a way to get around the rules, and falls in love with a girl BMX rider.

And at one point, they're both at the high school dance on their bikes, and they freestyle ride together to Real Life's "Send Me An Angel." It's pretty goofy now, but at the time, it was AWESOME.

Really, though, it was THAT SONG that made the whole movie awesome.

So when I was looking for the video above, I found THIS video, which is completely wrong in exactly the right way. I nearly wet my pants laughing at these two, and I hope you all will find it as amusing as I did.