Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweaty Palms Revisited

Motoboss Airflow Glove Review

When I was getting together the gear I needed to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundations Basic Rider Course, I had picked up a pair of Motoboss Airflow Gloves from the local Cycle Gear. I ride in Texas and I wanted some gloves I could wear even in the summer. Texas summer temperatures range from 80-100+ degrees. These gloves have a mesh backing to let air in. So, I thought I’d try them out.

The Motoboss Airflow Gloves were priced reasonably enough that I had concerns about the quality. I have large hands and it is hard to get gloves that will fit comfortably. I tried on the XL size Airflow and they felt just right. They were not tight and I had full maneuverability of all my digits. This was partially due to the stretch-nylon finger inserts running around the edges of the fingers. The label on the inside read, “Outer Shell 50% Leather 40% Nylon”.

These gloves do have nice air flow cooling your hands through the nylon mesh back while riding. They even performed well soaking wet, like when I took the MSF Course. The palms of the gloves have a padded layer, albeit thin, for comfort. They have an extra layer patch of leather on the inside of the thumb where your thumb grabs around the motorcycle grip. There is also a protective layer of suede leather across the knuckles on the back side. The Airflow Gloves fasten with a hook and loop style fastener around the wrist. The stitching appears of good quality and so far I have had no problems with them.

If you have been riding long enough, your hands have been hit by debris. Bugs, rocks, and the like can hurt at highway speeds. Gloves offer nice finger protection while riding and in the event of an accident. In the summer time in Texas, you can’t even touch parts of your bike without some kind of protection. If you need to make some type of roadside repair you will need a good pair of gloves. The Motoboss Airflow Gloves offer an alternative when riding in the heat to full leather gloves and provide more protection then leather fingerless gloves. Torch gives the Motoboss Airflow Gloves a M.M.M Rating of 8 on a scale of 1-10.

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