Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Overnighter of the Season...

Man, it's coming! March 7th, I'm packing my shit and heading out. Going up to Fisherville, VA. to attend a swapmeet there.
It will be about a five hour ride there...I'll find the campground, set up camp...get comfy...I'll orginize my pictures, my thoughts, and I'll write it all down in summary form so when I return home, I can transcripe and download all the pictures...and let y'all know about the ride...the swap meet, the people I come cold I think it got at night...and just enjoy being a biker...
God love bikers too ya know...and I'm gonna enjoy riding, and meeting up with some fine biker folks in VA.

Hang in there guys and dolls...By Tuesday morning you'll be reading some great biker tales of the road!