Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rider Down?

Rider Down?

Why do motorcycle forum and blog titles have to sound so negative when a rider does go down? I frequent a lot of motorcycle forums and blogs and I feel that a title like, “Rider Down”, is way too negative. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind hearing of someone in need. The least I can do is throw up a prayer to the big man upstairs, and post a get well soon message. I also enjoy the lessons gleaned from reading the information about what happened and the circumstances leading up to the infraction. If we all read and took heed, there would be less of these reports.

Most of the time if someone does go down they do not stay down permanently, they get back up. Even if it is fatal, they are now on their way someplace else, hopefully a better place. I try to be very optimistic about people and circumstances, always looking for the good in things. It is not always easy to do either because it is far simpler to find the negative aspects of everything.

How about changing our forum or blog titles to something a little more positive? How about these ideas:

Rider Up
Biker Getting Up
Rider Recovering
Biker Riding Again Soon
Rider Ready Soon
Biker Rising
Rider Been Down
Once Fallen

I do not know what would work. I just think there needs to be a positive lean to it. We definitely need to continue to support our fallen comrades, spiritually, mentally, and financially if possible. Everyone needs to be reminded of the inherent dangers of riding on two wheels and how to cautiously avoid becoming another statistic. Ride smarter not less frequently.

Ride on,
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