Monday, March 2, 2009

Motorcycle rally, New Brighton beach, Christchurch, ca 1920

Check this out! The New Brighton Beach Motorcycle Rally...
Ca. 1920.
Ever wonder when the biker rally really started? Me thinks that sounds like an interesting thing to start looking up...perhaps...with enough research I could come up with some plausible ideas, suggestions, or like National Geo Channel, at least come up with something that's entertaining, but won't answer a damn thing!

Whooo hooo...I think I found my subject to write on folks...hopefully in the next 2 days I will have enough information to write something that has enough mystery and intrigue to hold all our interests till the story is over?

Give me your thoughts...what cha think? You want me to "investigate" this idea? It could lead to some good stuff, or at least I could use some of my well known humor to entertain.