Friday, March 6, 2009

Sarting To Pack

Just a little note here, would you say I'm anxious to ride? I've already got most of my stuff packed...shit forgot the air bed pack...sigh....

Well I still have to pack a bag of undies, 2 pair pants, 2 long sleeve T-Shirts, 2 reg. T-Shirts, 2 pairs of sock, a set of hiking shoes, my hygiene stuff...that should about do me...mustn't forget camera, extra batteries, extra photo cards, battery charger...and I think I will bring along some protein bars for snack food. Road food generally sucks in my opinion. I also have my little black pillow (I've used everything under the sun for a pillow in the past...nothing beats this tiny pillow I've found, and takes up as much room as a blow dryer. I don't own one of those, but I do own a pillow.