Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Jarkki in Finland sent some photos of his rare 1942 Knuck. I say this because, research shows that only a total of 1,793 E's and F's (Knuckleheads), were built that year. Shit, now days, Harley poops out more than twice that number of bikes weekly! Civilian sales were limited to law enforcement and those who worked in the defense industry. Even the cops had to make a federal case to buy one.

Jarkki bought it from a guy in Sweden 3 years ago and he's proud to say it's built with a combination of genuine H-D and vintage custom parts, no Taiwan crap!

Special Features include: '61-'62 H-D tanks, VL Springer, pre-40 rectangle footboards, Flanders short risers with Apes, (AEE) King and Queen seat, Vintage S&S L series carb, '55-'64 primary cover, Mouse trap with foot shift, Triumph Triton front fender used in back, Lucas taillight, and Anderson passenger pegs. Pekka Mannermaa (Wizzard), gets the credit for the pinstriped fuel and oil tanks.

Jarkki signed off, "What the F#@k, Ride a Knuck!" In his case make that a FFFT.... Finnish-F'ing- Forty-Two!