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No, HOGWASH is not some expensive Corinthian Leather scented soap to clean your bike with. HOGWASH is a book by the multi-talented, “Only Wanna Do What’s Right”, Bryan Duncan. It is also beautifully illustrated by David Eden. Obviously, Bryan now suffers from Midlife Motorcycle Madness, and has decided to write a light hearted book about his experiences and gleanings. In HOGWASH, Bryan takes a humorous look at the biker scene. It is a short 95 page, easy to read book that anyone who has ridden on two wheels should read and leave out on the coffee table, (just move those motorcycle parts over a little).

Bryan leaves no sacred stone unturned and pokes fun at all aspects of biker life and motorcycle riding in general. Subjects touched upon include; “Stuff You Won’t Find at the Harley Dealer”, “Signs Yer Too Fat for a FATBOY”, and “Why Bikers Have Tattoos”. All the short quips will keep you chuckling through the whole book.

He goes on to discus subjects like, “How to Recognize a Biker Church” and “How a Biker Makes Sense of the Bible”. Bryan touches on the humorous side of religion with no preaching, just food for thought. Jesus rides a Road King? Laughter truly is good medicine for the heart.

From the back cover of the book:


What happens when you buy this book!:

• It’ll improve your looks
• You’ll feel younger
• Chicks will dig you
• Yer personality will blossom
• You’ll become more prosperous
• Hair will grow on yer bald spots

With promises like that how could you refuse to read it? I can vouch that my looks have already improved since reading it! (A smile truly will increase your face value). Next, I need to get one of Jack Riepe's Twisted Roads Tees.

HOGWASH is a very funny and entertaining book. Moose’s (David Eden’s) illustrations are all real cute and entertaining in there own right. Bryan Duncan’s HOGWASH is like chicken soup for the bikers’ soul. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and everyone who rides can relate to the humor. HOGWASH is a great book and it will last for many smiles.

Torch gives Bryan Duncan’s HOGWASH an M.M.M Rating of 10 on a scale of 1-10. So, “Have Yourself Committed” and order your copy of HOGWASH today and remember, “Ride Smilin’… It Makes People Nervous”.

Ride on,
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