Sunday, May 23, 2010


Torch's New Hat

I got an email the other day from ROADRACING WORLD stating that I had won a free hat for taking an on-line poll. There were a couple choices so I picked out the one I wanted and it arrived in the mail just the other day. ROADRACING WORLD is one of my favorite sites for motorcycle racing news. The photo of the hat is from their On line Store where you can purchase your own, along with other items of interest. They publish a very nice magazine all about motorcycle racing as well, which I do not presently $ubscribe to. Any way, I just wanted to give ROADRACING WORLD a shout out and say, "Thank you!"

MotoGP racing at Le Mans will be on later today & you can bet I will be watching either live or recording to watch later in case something comes up. I have not been posting as much lately because I've been busy with a new job. It's actually the same job with a different company.

Ride on,