Sunday, May 23, 2010

A ride taken by one is still.....

a ride. Well know one took me up on my ride offer today, so I went at it alone. Just me and the Flathead. I took a nice long loop through Santa Clarita, Agua Dulce and Acton. Rode Sierra Hwy and Escondido Cyn. It was a relaxing spin and the Flattie performed well despite a little neglect on my end. The culmination of my ride was an interesting one at that and thing thing that may gain more response next time. I stopped at Vasquez Rocks to enjoy the view. I often ride there to take in the scenery, look for Vasquez' gold and ride a dirt road. But today I was in for an even greater spectical. As I parked in the far end of the lot, I observed a group of four young women trying desperately to start a portable generator. Since I like watching people attempt simple tasks and fail I decided to watch. They finally got the generator started and plugged in the only appliance they had. A hair curler! All that for a hair curler was crazy to me. Then it struck me, they were going to do a photo shoot. So now I was really interested and began to pay close attention. After dollying up the red head, they took off over the rocks. Well naturally I followed on foot and to my surprise, ole Red was buck naked! She was posing naked there on the rocks. They quickly spotted me and began talking loudly about my presence. How dare they try to make me feel bad! It was a public park and the spectators on the rock formations proved it. So after 30 minutes or so of watching, I left. So next time I ask who wants to go on a ride, I expect more takers. By the way Dave, I gave her your card.